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Breeding Philosophy


Every conceivable fad has come and gone in the past 100 + years of Alleman Angus Ranch’s existence.  Our philosophy, however, has not shifted with the winds of change.  We believe the mother cow has to be able to thrive in the environment in which she is placed with minimal supplementation.  Our environment dictates a medium framed cow with lots of volume, natural fleshing ability, and moderate milking ability.  This package allows the cow to maintain her body condition, raise a calf and rebreed for the following year.  Any cows unable to complete these requirements are sent down the road.  Fertility and longevity are highly heritable; therefore we are very strict in making sure our cows pay their own way.  Through experience we have learned how important these two traits are.  Also through the experience of finishing our own cattle, we have learned the importance of carcass traits.  The end user of our product is not the local auction barn, cattle buyer, or video auction company.  It is the consumer.  We at Alleman Angus Ranch take a balanced approach in our breeding philosophy.  We utilize AI sires and clean up bulls which rank highly in growth, maternal and carcass traits.  As we utilize whole herd estrus synchronization, we are able to produce many ½ and ¾ siblings which allow you our customers to produce an increasingly more consistent end product.  This product comes in a package which allows our customers to profit along with the cattle feeder, packer and ultimately the consumer with a pleasurable dining experience.  Please feel welcome to contact us and discuss how we can be of service to you.