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Dear Friends:

Welcome to Alleman Angus Ranch located in the beautiful Nounan Valley in Southeast Idaho. Currently owned and operated by J. Kent and Paulette Alleman, along with their son, Paul, and their daughter in law, Janice, the working cow ranch is already entering its second century as a family owned operation. Originally homesteaded by Kent’s great grandfather in the late 1800’s, the ranch has included almost every common livestock enterprise at one time or another, ranging from dairy cattle, draft horses, sheep and hogs to the current emphasis on beef cattle. The present Registered Black Angus herd was begun in 1995 with the purchase of a bred heifer from the BYU Angus herd, where Paul served as student herdsman while attending school. From that purchase sprung the current herd of approximately 150 registered Angus Cows. In addition the ranch runs another 200 commercial cows, as well as keeping all the calves born on the ranch in a back grounding and subsequent yearling stocker operation.

The surrounding mountains and foothills provide summer grazing for the cowherd while the meadows provide excellent grazing for the yearlings. Due to the elevation at the ranch headquarters (6000ft), winter comes early and stays late. Supplementing the cowherd can be expected from Thanksgiving until close to Memorial Day (Nov. 20- May 15). Winter climate also led us to calve late spring (April 1- May 31). Because of the calving season, we only market 2 year old bulls in our production sale. We believe 2 year old bulls wintered as calves on hay only, summered alongside our yearling steers, and then developed on a true high roughage ration ( 4-6 lbs of corn/day for 60 days prior to sale day), allow our bulls to display their true muscling ability. Bred on, not fed on is our slogan. Our philosophy has been to let the results speak for themselves. We are committed to producing cattle which will work in the real world environments in the western U.S. Please feel welcome to come and see for yourself real world genetics in action at Alleman Angus Ranch.


The Allemans
Paul Alleman 208-540-4737 l Kent Alleman 208-540-2993