Dear Friends,

            Welcome to our 20th Annual Range Ready Production Sale.  It seems like just a year or two ago we offered our first cattle for sale, but it really was in 1997. (I remember that year very well as it was also the year I met my wonderful wife Janice and we began our life together.)  What has changed in twenty years? Many, many things, but I want to point out what twenty years of disciplined breeding philosophy can do.  Many of you may be familiar with the Angus Pathfinder program.   Many may not so here is a quick tutorial.

The Pathfinder program identifies superior cows based on performance.  First a female must produce her first calf within 30 days of the herd average for first calving.  Second a Pathfinder cow must maintain a regular calving interval 365 days (30 days/# of calving intervals).  Next the cow must produce at least 3 calves with an average weaning weight ratio of 105 to qualify as a Pathfinder cow.  Last a minimum of 10 herd mates must be evaluated together each year to determine weight ratios.  The percent of eligible dams achieving Pathfinder status across all Angus cows in 2016 was.004% (less that ½ of 1%).  Here at Alleman Angus Ranch our percentage of Pathfinder cows in 2016 was 11.2%!!  That is 28 times higher than the breed average!!  I have long maintained the mother cows are the back bone of our business and this proves what phenomenal maternal strength we have in our program.  The females in our program either produce or they are sent down the road.  Almost 90% of our cows calved in the first 30 days of our calving season.  You will be hard pressed to find more maternal strength in a cowherd.  As always we provide you with as much information on the bulls and their dams as we can .  We have nothing to hide and hope the data aids you in your decision making process.

Once again we will be holding our sale online Bidding will begin February 25th, 2016 at 8 am and end at 6 pm.  If there are any bids in the final 5 minutes on any lot, the sale will be continued for an additional 5 minutes on all lots until there is no bidding in the final 5 minutes.  At that time all lots will be declared sold and the auction will be over.  Base price on the bulls will be $2500 with bidding increments of $100. Complete bidding instructions including how to register and get a password will be on our website.  If you don’t have Internet access we will be happy to place bids for you or assist in anyway.

As always we guarantee your satisfaction 100% and will treat you like we want to be treated.  1st breeding season guarantee is included as well as free delivery within 350 miles.  We will feed the bulls at no charge until April 1st.  Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions.  This is strictly a family run operation and we wish to thank our wives and children for all the help they provide.  Stop by anytime to view the bulls as we are located 5 miles off highway 30 between Montpelier and Soda Springs in the beautiful Nounan Valley.

The Allemans

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